22mm End Cap

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    • Whitespeed Push Fit 22mm Stop End Cap

      Whitespeed Push Fit 22mm Stop End Cap

      The Whitespeed push-fit 22mm white stop end cap provides a simple and cost-effective way to cap Whitespeed 22mm plastic pipe in a variety of heating and plumbing applications without needing specialist tools. It can also be demounted if required using the special demounting tool.
      £1.26 Excl. Tax £1.51 Incl. Tax
    • Endfeed 22mm Stop End

      Endfeed 22mm Stop End

      This single endfeed 22mm stop end fitting is made of high quality copper and is suitable for capping a 22mm copper tube with a solder joint to BS EN 1057 standards.
      £0.29 Excl. Tax £0.35 Incl. Tax
    • Compression 22mm Stop End

      Compression 22mm Stop End

      This single brass compression 22mm push-on stop end from Evolve can be used to cap a 22mm copper tube on either hot or cold systems to prevent leaks or weeping. Simply tighten the nut onto the pipe for a quick system build without the need for any heat or solder.
      £0.88 Excl. Tax £1.06 Incl. Tax
    • Solder Ring 22mm Stop End

      Solder Ring 22mm Stop End

      This single 22mm stop end solder ring fitting (also called a Yorkshire fitting) is suitable for use to cap a piece of 22mm copper pipe in a plumbing system. The pre-soldered lead-free capillary connector is ideal when working in confined spaces and/or where single-handed fitting is required.
      £0.72 Excl. Tax £0.86 Incl. Tax