22mm Gate Valve

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  • V&G Compression 22mm Gate Valve

    V&G Compression 22mm Gate Valve

    This single brass compression 22mm gate valve is suitable for connecting two lengths of 22mm copper tube on hot or cold systems. Simply tighten the nuts onto the pipe for a quick installation without requiring any heat or solder. Then use the red handle to turn the valve on/off as required.WRAS…
    £2.42 Excl. Tax £2.90 Incl. Tax
  • V&G 22mm Gate Type Pump Valve

    V&G 22mm Gate Type Pump Valve

    This 22mm brass compression gate type pump valve is suitable for use to isolate central heating pumps and will fit all domestic circulating pumps.It is usual t need a pair of pump valves, so if you need a pair, please add Qty 2, as we sell these valve as singles, incase you need to replace just one…
    £2.13 Excl. Tax £2.56 Incl. Tax