Vaillant 350f

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  • Vaillant VRT350F Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat

    Vaillant VRT350F Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat

    The Vaillant VRT 350F wireless (RF) programmable room thermostat monitors the room temperature and adjusts the boiler output to suit. This ensures your boiler will operate at maximum efficiency and helps reduce your energy bills. It consists of two parts: one part plugs into the front of your…
    £115.71 Excl. Tax £138.85 Incl. Tax
  • Vaillant VR66 Control Centre

    Vaillant VR66 Control Centre

    The VR 66 control centre lies at the heart of the Vaillant Total System Solution, allowing eBUS controllers to be combined with room thermostats, valves, multi-zone heating and domestic hot water cylinder systems. The VR 66 has two functional modes: Multi-zone mode or Mono-zone mode. Required to…
    £58.71 Excl. Tax £70.45 Incl. Tax